Project Description

Viking Optical Ltd

Within my role at Viking Optical I have been responsible for all visual identity from product, literature, packaging, branding and all design work.

Over the years there has been a large body of work created constantly adjusting for changes in business direction or consumer needs.  My role on a day to day basis is dynamic in that I have to respond to the requirements of the company and work to my own self imposed deadlines ensuring all work is completed to a high standard.

Within the role I have also had the opportunity to work with other high level brands such as the RSPB.  Viking has an exclusive contract with the RSPB supplying product to RSPB shops around the UK and as such there has been a requirement to product a variety of design work for the charity.  This work is all done via the correct channels working along side the RSPB using a published style guide and treating them as the client as you would expect in the usual manner.

Whilst my main role has been design I have also looked after the IT system for a number of years and am competent with computers of all systems.

Creating and maintaining company websites has been an important part of my role at Viking and there are a number of different sites.  As well as the main ecommerce website there is also a non selling information site as well as additional sites covering other subsidiary companies all contained within Viking Optical.

Another large part of my role has been to be in charge of a digital press and finishing equipment we have available on site.  This has meant that I can produce and finish a large amount work in-house giving high quality output with no delay.  In additional the the digital press I also manage creasers and a hydraulic guillotine.

As well as producing the variety of media for the company I have also been responsible for all the product photography making me in complete control of the whole design process from inception to delivery.

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